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the change to Public Points

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We are long time customers of the $25 per month for the 500 Mb + free 500 Mb data plan. Our current monthly bill on auto pay and rewards totals $20.70 including tax. We like this plan and it more than suits our needs. MY QUESTIONS are THREE:

ONE: How will the transfer to the Public Points program affect our bill and our current service.

TWO: Why is there seemingly a drive towards larger data plans and higher prices for those who do not want it.

THREE: Am I missing something? Please advise.

Thank  you.


@Janelleb001 Your friend referrals will stay the same . But you will lose the $2 auto pay and lose the $5 loyalty . Instead you will only get 5% back in points of your plan price and 10 more points once a year for loyalty instead which is worth $10 in points versus the $60 you get now for loyalty $5x 12 $60 a year . And now you have to wait until you have 15 points to redeem $15 of your bill . Basically you will pay 5-6 dollers more now every 30 days 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So I believe I have $14 in referrals and $5 in loyalty and $2 in auto pay that comes off my bill every month. Am I losing that, meaning I’ll be losing the $21 credit on my account every month? Will I still earn that amount in credit but I’ll just have to apply it myself?  

Mayor / Maire


1 - The switch will happen automatically in May. Your current bill will remain the same but you won’t get the $ credit off your monthly bill.

2 - All carriers are increasing the data amount because it doesn’t really cost anything to them rather than increasing the monthly fees.

3 - NOPE

Mayor / Maire

You will lose: $2 for autopay and loyalty $ if you have any.
You will get 5% in points of your bill every time you pay the bill.

Referrals stay the same - 1 point for 1 referral.
You have to collect 15 points to manually convert to $15 and use as you like (pay bill, buy add-on). Every anniversary you will get 10 point for loyalty. There will be NO automatic credit nor points conversion to $.

Higher plans are more profitable for any mobile company.

Mayor / Maire

@Brownie56  So with the new points system you will lose your $2 auto pay and $5 loyalty.

instead it will be replaced by 5% back on your plan spend of $25 and once a year you will get 10 points back for loyalty. And you now have to wait until you have 15 points to redeem $15 off your bill from the rewards portal . Effectively costing you a extra $50 -60 more a year 

adding so if you don’t  have any friend referrals . Might be worth porting number out to new carrier to only port it back in on a newly created PM account with new email and SIM card . To take advantage of the new activation only plan 4GB $24 plan . Food for thought 

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