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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, I referred my nephew to my account two years ago, and I have been paying his phone plan since then. Now since he found a job and could legally work in Canada with his secondary education study permit. I want to remove his phone number from my account, like let him paying his own bill. I checked my account, but I couldn't find any information about removing my referrals.

If any one here know how to do so, please help me out!





Each phone number should have its own account/email address login.  

Did you use your own email address for both your account and your nephew?  

If you did, then you would need to contact customer service agent to set up a separate account. 

Mayor / Maire

Hey @Zelda_Zeng123 

It's kind of a tricky thing to do. But really, the easiest way of doing it is to go onto the app and change the credit card that it is currently being paid from, to HIS credit card. Best part, you get to keep the $1 a month referral credit. Win WIn!! 

It's very easy to do in the app. Open the Public Mobile phone app and go to the payment tab at the bottom of the page. Then scroll down and click on Update Card Information. And if it fails, don't worry. Only try once if it fails. Then if it does fail, close the program. Go into your settings on your phone, then find Applications, then find the Public Mobile app and clear the cache and data. Then reboot your phone. Then log back into your phone and try again. It should work the second time if it failed the first. Trust me, this happened a few weeks back when I helped my neighbor out. Good luck to you!! 

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