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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

somehow i didnt get connected to an agent for help with my exsiting account..and im not mean or mad but i have been in the telus store for an hour now trying to communicate with public and telus did nothing but suggest a new sim card which cost 11.30..when i already have my old sim i just dont have the same email (i kno it) but i no longer use it ..and i could not remember my im just frustrated. also, i have my account number...i started making a new account because telus suggested that and then i seen all te offers for new sim for free or $6 if we can just use my old one all of this would be solved.


Mayor / Maire


Have you kept up with monthly payments on your old account on your old SIM?

If you stopped payment longer than 90 days then your account is closed, SIM will be useless and you lost your number. 
Best to call 1-855-4PUBLIC on the status of your number.

Although, Telus is the parent company of PM. They will give zero help. They just want you to switch over to Telus at higher rates.

Mayor / Maire

But what are you trying to do?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @kanen 

Your account is specific to THAT old SIM card. 

Going to a Telus store to ask for help for Public Mobile will get you nowhere. Telus reps have no knowledge or experience with Public Mobile and any advice they give is just a wild guess. You could go to a McDonald's drive through and get better advice. 🙂

As per @hTideGnow , click on the link he provided and reach out to a CS Agent and explain your situation. They can help fix and resolve the problem. At least I hope they can. 

Mayor / Maire

hi @kanen 

for login problems, please submit ticket with cs agent and they can sort it out

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