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phone number that was ported over isn't the same number now

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My husband became a member of Public Mobile on Oct. 3rd, 2023, we ported his old number over from his old provider to Public Mobile.
I got an email saying that the transfer was a success, so didn't think there was an issue. I am not sure when his number was changed but, when I tried
calling him last Monday it went to voicemail then he called me (I thought he was returning my call but, he wasn't) his phone didn't even ring, when I looked
at our call display a number that was his came up, which wasn't the number we ported over. I was wondering if we can get his number old number back?
Can you tell me how to do that. I would like to get this cleared up before I go into the hospital, in less then a week. Kind Regards, be77yboop1


Mayor / Maire

@be77yboop1   You can contact customer service via this link and they will sort it out for you. 

An agent will reply in your community inbox which is either an envelope icon top right or at Messages under your community avatar if you don't see an envelope icon.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@be77yboop1 wrote:

Did you say that you saw that it wasn't ported over?

I'm pretty confident the answer to that is "no". @softech is just another customer (as are we all) (now watch me be wrong). To get to a PM employee you need to contact a CS Agent (there are instructions all over here for that, or someone can post them in this thread).

You might be able to do the port even if you don't know the login or anything else, maybe they use email for login and you can say "forgot my info"?

Also, do you happen to have the SIM from the previous provider? If you do re-request the port, industry security standard means the old provider will send a text with a 90min time limit to confirm. So if you have the SIM and it appears to work (which means you're also paying) you might get lucky. Just don't cancel the old account until you know you're not porting.

@be77yboop1 check if he is  still paying his old provider just in case

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Well I guess he will just stick with the number he has now.

Thank you for your help.  Have a great evening.  🙂

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

evening Softech

I don't have his old service provider information anymore.   Since it told me when we ported it on his cell that the transfer was successful.  Did you say that you saw that it wasn't ported over?



it has been one full month since activation, can you have your husband to check the old carrier and confirm the account was closed (after being ported) or still active (because the port was never completed)

Porting request over a month will be voided and PM will randomly assign a new number and that was likely be the case.  if it is, your husband is now paying both PM and the old carrier

He can re-request the port from My Account.  First Login My Account , go to Profile page and click Transfer number.  Enter the correct account number of the old carrier as porting info.

This time, make sure he has his old carrier sim in the phone.  His old carrier will send the porting authorizaiton text and he needs to reply YES within 90 mins

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