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iPhone 13 and our plan

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, my daughter is getting a newer phone, i.e. iPhone13.  Will I be able to simply switch her iPhone8 that she has nowand our account will remain the same?  What else will I need to do.



@FT1   remember the 3G plan you have is a 3G speed plan.  And PM is now offering 4G speed plan as well


But whether you are on 3G speed plan or 4G speed plan, everyone is allow to use PM's 4G/LTE network, just that those on 3G speed plan has it speed capped at 3Mpbs while 4G speed plan can go as high as 100Mbps


In terms of iPhone 13, there is really not much you cannot use on PM network other than 5G.  Yes, if you want to use 5G, PM cannot provide you at the moment.  As to other iPhone features (not just iPhone 13), PM cannot provide you with Wifi Calling, Visual Voicemail as well



daughter will get same Rewards or Points with new phone as with old.

Daughter will likely not notice any great difference as old phone and new phone both connect to LTE.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yes but will she get the benefits of the iPhone 13 with Public Mobile?  I think the iPhone 13 technology is better than 3G at Public MObile?



@FT1 , to switch phones, simply move the SIM card from phone to phone.  

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