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iOS 17.2 issue

Mayor / Maire

iOS 17.2 might only affecting 15 models . But here’s my issue been on phone with apple support I cannot get sound notifications with iMessage unless I have the banners on to show on Lock Screen or notification center , I’ve never used those but with out them in right now I cannot get the sound to alert me I have text , this is very frustrating for me , but nothing I can do until the put out a patch there IT people will have a look at it on Monday I’ve sent screen shots of the settings and everything is mirrored to want my 14 setting were . And can still work as suspected and desired in my old phone . Also was reading many folks having issues transferring the settings from iPhone to iPhone this launch . Not that new phones and iOS have never had issues before but this first time I’ve was ever affected being an early adopter . But I think we will be hearing more about the issues in the next days and weeks . Certainly I can’t be the only one 😞 


Mayor / Maire


The latest public update is iOS 17.0.1.

iOS 17.2 beta are for developers to test out so Apple can fix any bugs before releasing the public iOS to the general public.

@Handy1 , I don’t have critical alerts & time sensitive notifications selected but so far receive popup notifications at normal times (when not on do not disturb).

I can’t choose my sound notifications due to the ones I have been using for 9 years were permanently deleted when iOS updated! I have no way to get them back onto my iPhone & iPad! All sound notifications have stopped! For now will have to select ones that are built into it!

@LitlLdy  Yikes if your turn on the banners 


Like that I don’t have them selected because I don’t like it popping up on the display will it work for you then properly ? If so sound like your in the same boat and it’s not just the 15 models 

Mayor / Maire

@Handy1 , to add to this… all the sound notifications & ring tones I added to my iPhone & iPad that I have been using for 9 years all disappeared with the newest iOS update! 😭 

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