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how to create a new community user to be used to ask CSA to reset password for locked account.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello, my mother in law had a credit card problem and and autopay failed ,
so she cannot use her phone.  In turn she got her account locked out. 
I have been trying to reset the password to fix the credit card problem. 
CSA says just to create a new community user and they I can send CSA a
message from her community ID to reset the password.  However I cannot
figure out how to create a new/differ community user.  All paths I try ask
for e-mail first and when I enter in her e-mail it says you already have an
account and to reset password,  password reset always fails.   CSA said to go
to community home page , click on human icon on top right, then on that page click the sign up link
but that link asks for e-mail address and I have the issue I stated about. I have read a new
community account page should ask for a new username first but I cannot get to a page that has that.
Anyone can help please because CSA is not helping much. Thanks very much


@Phil_Adelphus wrote:

@zooster  You can revive her account by purchasing a Public Mobile voucher and sort out the log-in problem later.

Good idea, @Phil_Adelphus ...customer can just buy payment vouchers, then dial 611 to add them to account for renewal. Get vouchers at Shell gas, Walmart or London Drug...get them on-line at, but they do have a small user fee. 

Then deal with credit card issue later. It should NOT be this hard for customers, young and OLD (myself included) to navigate in case of autopay failuire. So much effort is expended on how to extract more $$ outta paying customers...time to spend energy to make web and on-line much more user-friendly again. PM is starting to scare new customers off with all the recent debacles that go unfixed in a reasonable amount of time. I would think paying for ones renewal would have been fool-proof and bullet-proof by now...but not so.

Mayor / Maire

@zooster  You can revive her account by purchasing a Public Mobile voucher and sort out the log-in problem later.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for the suggestion, I have created about 6 CSA tickets by now.  I ask CSA to reset my mother in laws account from my account, they say the e-mails do not match so they cannot do it.  So if I create a new community user with a different e-mail address than the one my mother in law has, again CSA will say the e-mail do not match

Mayor / Maire

hi @zooster just use this one and try open ticket 

if not, use another browser to use another email to create a new account in Community 

please submit a ticket with CS Agent using this Chatbot link:  Type the question "Submit ticket", Then click the following in order: "Contact Us" ,  "Other",  "Log In".  
If any issue with ticket submission, you can  submit by direct message: 

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