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duplicate sim card

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a tablet which can also use a sim card -- can I get a duplicate sim card -- i.e. a card that will work on the same tel. number as my existing cell phone (with Public Mobile)??


Mayor / Maire


What make of phone do you have?

You can download the Intel Unison app on your phone and tablet so they are integrated the two devices. 


Mayor / Maire



What you can do, if your tablet and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, is use apps, such as “your phone” or other apps, which may allow calling and texting to be mirrored on your tablet from your device.

This way if you are on your tablet and your phone is in a different room in your residence, you can use your device calling and texting functions from your tablet. 

Mayor / Maire

@tempeh    Sorry, no such thing is available with PM or any other provider that I'm aware of.


You can hotspot the available data on your tablet if you're looking to use data on another device?

Mayor / Maire

@tempeh  No not with PM but you can hot spot your phones data to it 


@tempeh   No, one number can only tie with one sim card.


You can have 2 sim cards with 2 different accounts/ number and put them both on your tablet

(updated: crossed out irrelvant) 

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