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credit cards not being accepted

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have an account and activated my sim card with it 28 days ago.
I used my Visa credit card and it was accepted.
I disabled the Visa card with 4 days remaining before auto-payments renewed my account for another month, so Public mobile wouldn't withdrawal anymore payments, as I want to close the account and use a prom code to open a new account for a new sim card I just received.

When activating the new sim, I used a different email, but the same Visa card for payments and now Public Mobile won't accept the card.
My virtual visa debit card is not being accepted also.
Please don't suggest the obvious like clearing my browser or using a different browser.
Is my card or IP address being blocked?
This level of buggery does not inspire confidence in the service.



Mayor / Maire


If you don't feel comfortable sharing that info with customer support then don't. I've only done it once and immediately deleted the private message that contained the info. I trusted the CSA as I dealt with them many times before but just to be safe delete private messages sensitive account information in case your community account is compromised while unlikely never say never.... again.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

"Are you saying you accidentally gave your credit card info to a non employee of public mobile?"

No, I believe it was an actual PM agent, But i felt uncomfortable doing it at the time, and I read comments on Reddit,

Failed to add credit card. Public Mobile mod sent me a private message request credit card info. Should I give it out through private messages?



All commenters said this was inappropriate and they would not do it.







Mayor / Maire


Read Reddit. I will send you a private message.

Mayor / Maire


Are you saying you accidentally gave your credit card info to a non employee of public mobile?

If it's a bank issued credit card you can ask for it to be sent to your bank branch and it will arrive in three business days rather than having to wait for it to come in the mail.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

See this:


Promo code:   12MONTHS2GB


"This may be obvious but have you at any point asked customer support to add the promo code to your original account?"

I believe that acct is tied to the 1st sim card(it was meant as a $15 trial for 30 days).

I did try with that acct to activate the new sim card but was denied.

I was satisfied with the signal and was most happy to give PM my $ for yrs to come.


a moment ago

And Because I stupidly gave out my credit card info here, which I should never have been asked for in the first place, I have had to cancel my credit card.

The problem wasn't rectified even when I gave my visa card info.

I don't care if I wasn't asked for the card's CVV2.

What a Sh*t show.



Mayor / Maire


Unbelievable.... But once you were in contact with customer support they could not simply  add your credit card?!! Or process the transaction for you?


So as it stands you have a Public Mobile account that's currently suspended by choice?

And you have an unactivated SIM card because you cannot get the activation portal to accept your credit card that is currently on file with your suspended account that you use to activate that account?


You suspended the first account because you wanted to activate another account so you can use a promo code on it?

What is the promo code? Is it just one of the several promo codes currently active for 2 GB of bonus recurring plan data?

Either for $25+plans or$35+plans either depending on them being "3G" or "4G" plans?


This may be obvious but have you at any point asked customer support to add the promo code to your original account? Or did you activate with the plan that does not qualify?



@the1mirror   you were talking to CS Agent ( @CS_Agent ) did they tell you what was the issue?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

6 days later and several messages with an "agent", and after giving my credit card info to one of them, nothing fixed,

Now i'm nervous about my CC info being on this site and with the amount of bugs, it's ripe for hacking.

I'm out of here, 8 hrs of my life I will never get back.

This service will always be small potatoes

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I assumed that I would get a reply through my M$ email, not here, so apologies for tardiness & gnarliness

But it may already be too late and I may have to apply for another ticket.

The learning curve here is steep.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

still (We were not able to process your payment. Make sure all information is correct or try again with a different card)

3 days and no fix.
I got a ticket and the fix was to email me a link to reset my password for community.
I got one of my posts deleted in this thread for mentioning a rival.
Seems there is someone paying attention at least.

Should I try nother "ticket" or just give up and use the rival?
If this happens when some important contacts have my new PM # and the payment issue hits again, I will be damaged.
My 2 credits cards are used daily, and I int getting no 3rd card or "voucher" to use PM.
Aint worth the headache and the 6 hrs+ I have invested in this issue already.

Mayor / Maire


Use the most up to date device you clean as possible. Reboot and open one tab only in chrome using secret/incognito mode. Try again. I had the same issue and secret/incognito mode did the trick.

@the1mirror   PM definitely allows the same visa card on different accounts.  Many people have multiple accounts with PM use the same credit card for monthly payments.  So, using the same visa card is not the reason for your problem. 


Of course, could be something stuck and it got rejected.  Could be an issue with the first activation attempt and the card was locked for fraud lock on PM side.     (you sure it wasn't the credit card itself blocking it?) 


Usually, it is best to wait couple hours first, then try again, preferably with a different browser.

Not sure if you have another card to just activate first, then you can update back to your regular card via My Account, or with PM Support help in case it rejects again



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I used different browsers incognito, PC, dice.

I even re-enabled per-authorized payments in the other sim account and tried, no luck.

So I try to get into my account for the original sim card and I get the error:Email or password is incorrect. Please try again, or reset password.
So I have to reset my password to the password that its already set at.
Then I can enter my account.
Does Public Mobile have a lot of these bugs?
This is becoming a part time job to manage this service or even join it!
What an anthill!

@hairbag1   @NDesai   Actually  Luddite and computergeek have confirmed that customer support can add the voucher to the account at activation so a ticket will need to be submitted by OP first.


edit:  here's a post by Luddite mentioning the option to activate with voucher:

@NDesai...IIRC...can no longer use payment vouchers to activate a new account. Only to pay renewal costs etc.


@the1mirror Using incognito/private browsing mode works for many. So give that a try before trying anything else. Make sure your address and postal code matches with the on your cc. If all fails, you might have to get a voucher just so you can activate now and then try to add your cc from your new self-serve account. 

I am not a mod. Do not send me private message with your personal info.
If you need to contact PM Customer Support Agent, create a Ticket.

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