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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am registered for auto pay with my American Express card with payment due today yet I have no service  ...????


On a renewal day you should get SMS from 611 notifying you of successful renewal or failure. Did you get one?

Even if you see this, you should Have service.



Rebooting, resetting network might work and revive your service.

Check your credit card for current PM charges, too.

Mayor / Maire

If your phone doesn't work and you can't make/receive calls etc then it sounds like an autopay failure. Follow the steps above or get a voucher and pay via 611. Going forward, you can also manually add funds manually.. prior to the renewal date and this will avoid the chance of an autopay failure  

Mayor / Maire


Messages the morning of your renewal is normal on your self serve account, but if you have a card registered for autopay, you should not lose services. I believe there have been some cases where this may happen during the morning of a shouldn't but seems to have been reported before.


Try restarting your phone, toggle into/out of airplane mode, and remove your SIM card then reinsert it to help your account trigger back to the network.



Mayor / Maire

@ronance28   Login to My Account, is the Account status showing Suspended or Plan Expired?


if it shows Plan Expired, check also Transaction history and see if PM has successfully got money from your account.   


Try also reboot the phone once.


If Account is showing Suspended, maybe Autopay fails.  It happes, usually is a PM issue instead of your card

Go to Payment page, click One time payment, use the option "Other (Enter the desired payment amount)" and manually enter the plan amount , then click Submit  (avoid using Amount due as it is more problematic)


If payment goes through, click "Reactivate current plan" if it is there.  Then logoff from My Account and Reboot the phone