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Why are incoming calls listed private number. How do I change this

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The caller has paid for an unlisted number. 
PM does not have an option to force call to dial *82 in front of the number to show the caller ID.

Bell landline or cell? What about Rogers/Fido/Chatr? Or even Virgin/Lucky under Bell? Or try calling from a voip service.

HI@norm144   If all Bell customers have issue showing up the phone number, then it could either be PM's or Bell's problem


Start with PM , open ticket with CS agent and see what they say.  You might later need to ask a Bell friend to open a Bell ticket as well.  But start with PM


at :

First type Contact,
then select the only choice there: "Contact..",
from the list of , choose "Other"
finally click link the blue link about submit a ticket
Another page will open and just follow: .

After ticket is submitted, make sure to check your Community Inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically for response from PM


If you have problems submitting a ticket, you can open ticket by private message (but this can take longer):


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Calls from any bell customer to my cell. My wife and myself public mobile see name displayed. Friends on bell show private number. I know they are not blocking me. 

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There was a customer that had a similar problem a few days ago of landlines showing as private number. Are you getting calls from a landline? Or is this all calls from any service?

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HI @norm144   

People just hide their number

If it is professional spam caller, they have system to automatically hide it

Normal users can also dial *67 before calling the number to hide it on the caller id


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@norm144  That’s has to do with caller having there number being private . You can make yours that way if you choose too .. my experience thou is once you do no one answers your call 

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Most likely because callers decided not to provide number. Nothing to do about that...

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@norm144  sorry, not something you can choose. 


When a person call something, they can choose to hide the phone number.   If they have chosen that, the one receiving the call cannot do anything to retrieve the number


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@norm144  That’s the callers choice to do that.. you can’t change it