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Where did my data go?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I signed up for a six GB data plan yesterday and I used hardly anything and now it's all gone. I just ordered another 29 GB. Can someone explain where my 6gb data went and maybe give it back to me and cancel my recent 20 GB order of data plane?


Mayor / Maire

@esjliv   Yes, confusing and alarming if true? 


@kgraceystewart   Did you mean to say you purchased another 2GB (not 29GB)?  But, PM's account has caching issues (among other things), so you need clear cookies and always login using incognito mode.

Mayor / Maire

This is confusing @kgraceystewart .

You signed up yesterday with the $45 6GB plan, ok. How do you know the data is all gone?

Have you checked your My Account to see if anything is showing remaining?


Perhaps you have a setting on your phone to turn data off once your phone reaches a certain data limit...remember your phone can be set up to warn you or turn off at certain points (if this is set up).

But your data tracker on your phone may not match the start of your public mobile start today, yesterday-September 27th. 

Plans are 30 days here, so you could change your phone settings each time you renew your plan, or install a 3rd party app to track data for 30 days. But, check your phone settings and see what is set up.


What does this mean: " I just ordered another 29 GB. "


And this ?"cancel my recent 20 GB order of data plane?".  Did you schedule a plan change?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


trying use different browser,open incognito mode,clear cache,cookie, try Login from comupter

if can't see it,open a ticket with PM CS_Agent. at :

type: Contact Us and Other 
Finally Click here to submit a ticket
you will then direct to another page to open ticket.

If you have error submitting a ticket, send a private message to the CS_Agent:

check inbox(top right corner envelope icon) for response from CS_Agent.

Mayor / Maire

29gb's!!?? Click on the little spinner refresh icons lower down or use private mode to see if some properly updated data shows. Check all your apps to see what might have used all the data. Maybe your phone did a whole new cloud sync or something because it saw that it was on a new provider.

Mayor / Maire


Only way to track your data usage is to login to your account and check under View Usage History on My Account section.

Here is will list the time, dates, amount of data used and all your calling minutes and texting dates.

Any discrepancies, you need to contact a CS_Agent to correct.

Check the settings on your phone and enable (turn on) wifi so it connects to your home wifi to reduce your data usage.


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