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What on Earth has Public Mobile done to my Profile?

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I've been abroad for 5 months and just got back to Canada. During those 5 months, I was unable to log into the community! Why? The community login insists on phone verification and since my phone was suspended I couldn't login! I could log into my account because it has email verification, so I suspended my account for 2 months, activated for 1 and then suspended for 2 more. When I went to pay, none of my rewards were applied!

I'm astonished that in 2024 Public Mobile doesn't allow log in for community access with email verification. Even though they could see my service was suspended, they insisted on texting my suspended number to allow access to my community account, making it impossible! Seriously Public Mobile?

Even stranger, is that when I logged in, all my previous community activity was gone from my account! I could log in with the same email and password but I couldn't get past that part without registering a new community user name! I couldn't use my old name because it said it was already in use, by me. So I can't see any of my old activity here. Why on earth did Public Mobile remove my old activity here from my account?

I can't see any of my old posts but I can log in with the same credentials but they wouldn't let me past that spot without creating a new user name.

I  have created a ticket, but due to me being forced to make a new community account, they can't see my old activity here.

My previous user name was Jernikfra

Ridiculous Public Mobile.



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HI @maurelle 

Of course I read the  post before replying.   I was just to confirm.  Sometimes you need to ask OP again for details. 

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To log in to Community or My Account you can always chose email!

If you did not receive or cannot receive your 2FA code by SMS - Click on: ‘Didn’t get a code’ and you will get more options. Chose email.



Both log ins are IP sensitive and if you change provider it will ask you for verification.

If you did not log to your account and pay the bill your account is closed, number lost. Community account stays forever no matter you have service or not.

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HI @Anonymous 

did you keep Autopay on?  if autopay was disabled, or your payment had issue and account suspended for over 90 days, your account would have been closed

call 1-855-4PUBLIC , enter your phone number and if the recording tells you it cannot find your phone number, then the account was closed

or if you need support agent to confirm, open ticke by direct message:        

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you been gone for 5 months eh ?? Well...wait until you hear the latest. As of May you'll no longer get Rewards as PM has reduced all benefit now and called them POINTS.

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