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What happened to My Old Reward Credits

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Sorry but I'm confused.  I'm a long time PM customer that had monthly credits for loyalty and refer a friend.  It was my understanding that all of loyalty & refer a friend credits would get moved over to this new rewards program.  My wife's PM account renews tomorrow and it shows she will be paying the full amount.  My account renews at the end of this month and it shows that I will paying the full amount.  That is $10 more per month for my wife and $19 more per month for myself.  Both accounts are only showing 5 reward points?    What happened to our Long time customer credits and loyalty credit.  Is PM not going to apply some type of financial credit to our monthly billing?? Shouldn't my old credits show up in our new rewards account??  To me none of this makes any can a big company PM (Telus) entice us to be loyal customers / refer friends and than take all of the credits away.  I'm sorry for venting & I will apologize a head of time if  I'm miss understood what happening with these old credits. Can someone please let me what is happening & what going on with regards to our old credits?  Thanks J


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

This information has been a great help.

Thank you so much........BH

Mayor / Maire

@bigharry666   Yes you keep your referrals but my understanding is that the points won't show up until next renewal.  Loyalty is now 10 points on your yearly anniversary and you get 5% of your bill in points as explained earlier.  To redeem your points you sign in to My Account, select My Rewards and then view the catalogue where you can either use points to purchase discounted add-ons or take $15 off your next bill once you have 15 points (add ons start at 5 points).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi Phil......I was told by a long time PM customers that he thought that we would be able to keep all of our previous "refer a friend" points.  I get that I've lost my loyalty (which is ridiculous) but I was hoping to keep my previous "refer a Friend" points??  Can you please let me know if I'm able to retain my previous "refer a friend" points?  I'm only showing the 5 points welcome to the new rewards system.  Plus if we get to keep them, can you give me a link that will show me how to apply the points to my month bill.  Thanks for you help so far.   BH


the 500 long distance minutes will stay as that was from Christmas bonus and it has no expiry

the 150 data bonus will be gone if you move to a plan with cheaper price, but it will stay if the plan price is higher

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Very good and easy to understand answer!

What happens to the 500 long distance minutes I have and the left over data bonus I got to use for 150 days ( I only have 79 days left) if I switch my plan ($25 plan, with 1 GB data) to a plan with more data?

@Sandijam  I am very confused. How much will my bill be next month? 

You will have to pay whatever the full price of your plan is until you have collected enough points to redeem them for a bill credit or discounted add on.  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am very confused. How much will my bill be next month? 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

This new plan is disappointing. 



PM retired the old reward system this month (May) and everyone migrated on the new Public Points system.

With this new system, you pay the full amount first (with the Available Funds on your My Account or via your credit/debit card on the system), and hence you see a higher charge now. 
Then PM will give you the points to your point account after renewal within 48 hours.  Once you collected 15 points, you can redeem $15 bill payment yourself to bring the next payment down.  Or you can also use points to buy add-ons with a discounted price

For how to earn points with Public Points,

  • you will get the same friend referral, 1 point (= $1) for every referral every month.
  • Instead of $2 autopay, you earn 5% point of your spending in points (plan renewal or add-on purchrases). 
  • Instead of loyalty rewards, you will earn 10 points on your Anniversary date every year 
  • You will still earn Give-Back rewards by participating in the Community. Everyone has a chance to earn can  1/2/5/10/15/20 points depends on the overall participation of the month 

I have to admit Public Points rewards is not as good as the Legacy rewards system, but you are still saving money, just in a slower pace 

Here is more information about the rewards system migration:

Mayor / Maire

hi @bigharry666 

the rewards system has change. The old rewards are now going. You will earn Public Points now.  Please login  My Account, click Rewards and go to Rewards system and check your current rewards points

After you have 15 points, you can redeem for $15 bill credit 

Mayor / Maire

@bigharry666  Going forward you will have to log in to redeem the points you earn (1 for each referral, 5% of your bill cost, 10 points loyalty - each point is worth $1 to either take off your bill when you have 15 points, or buy a discounted add-on starting at 5 points.  No more autopay reward.  You should  have received a data bonus which was supposed to be compensation for the loss of rewards.

Mayor / Maire

Sadly and embarrassingly Public Mobile removed everyone's monthly credits they EARNED. There is a very large thread about it.

You are encouraged to file a complaint with the CCTS with regards to your loss of earned credits.

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