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Usage reporting issues

New Neighbour / Nouveau Voisin

Is there a specific forum for issues with the usage reports and general issues with the new 'mobile friendly ' interface? I am having serious problems just extracting my daily data usage.  Yes I may be able to download a spreadsheet file, but the filter doesn't work so I have to manually filter and that is a pain on mobile. Also why do I see I have sent 127.00 text messages? Can I send .05 of a text message? Come on that should be an easy fix! I think I'll probably wait a lot longer for the usage filter fix though! 🙂 Now it's just showing me two days regardless of how many days I want.


Mayor / Maire

@BIGRICK   Yes, the usage history filter has a glitch, it only works if you do some workaround, check my post here:


In short, let say you want 60 days of filtered usage for any particular type, DO NOT filter it first, make it all and manually scroll through 60 days, then you can apply the usage type filter (like Data)


of course, it is still easy to just download the Excel file (which has everything for 90 days) and then filter using Excel


Mayor / Maire


Aha! So that's the workaround. Thx



Lol...I should introduce you to @big_rick...there's a lesson to be learned there about usernames. are expecting a lot from public mobile. There's a long list of glitches to fix!

@darlicious wrote:

..there's a lesson to be learned there about usernames.

@darlicious   I thought you have a new bf.. LoL