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Unusual Recording

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


This is very strange.

I carry 3 plans, one for my daughter, one for my 91 year old mother and one for me.

For the past week, when I try to call my Mom it automatically plays a recording saying "We are sorry but your plan does not carry a plan for US roaming". My Mom lives in Burlington ON and has not left the city for months.

What the heck eh? Any suggestions?  Thanks, Gerald



I've had this happen and it was an issue with my account.  Customer support agents were able to apply a fix.

Mayor / Maire

HI @GerBear   please check your mom's My Account, account could be On Hold , likely because of payment problem

Mayor / Maire


PM has gone through a rough couple of weeks since the recent upgrade of the "PM Experience".

That recording is usually heard by customers closer to US border. In the phones settings, you could select PM as the preferred network. OR just redial as usual. Issue will clear up, I'm sure.

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