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Unable to recive text message or phone call from TD Bank

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently switched from Fido to Public Mobile and now I cannot receive test messages or phone calls from TD Online Banking.  What do I need to do to rectify this issue?



Mayor / Maire

HI @hema1268   you just not receiving calls from TD? how about regular calls?

and when did you  port your number?

2FA code will take as many as a week for it to work after phone number porting. 




first, do you receive any incoming calls and regular SMS (P2P) from friends?  If so, it is good, at least the porting was completed successfully


For 2FA text or other system generated text (A2P), it is normal for them to start coming later.   Systems take longer to find out you changed provider and to route the text correctly to the new provider (Public Mobile).    Also, banks put this delay on purpose too to avoid SIM Fraud


 Usually they will start coming around the 3rd day but it could take as many as 7 days for all the 2FA/A2P text to come.

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