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US Roaming Add On

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Based on the community board feedback, it seems that the US option for talk and text and talk, text and data is not very reliable.   I have an iPhone with LTE so it sounds like I should be alright but I just wanted to get some feedback from others.  Also, I assume that your 15 days start immediately regardless if you are in the US yet or not. 



Just a heads up that I find the border town like Blaine, WA didn’t work as well. I find that you need to head further south with better T-Mobile coverage works better.


got the TextNow sim activated already...just haven't been to US to try it yet.


You can use TextNow app on wifi for free calling and texting but you will need a U.S. CC and address to purchase the SIM.

I got one too with a Wa state address...and it accepted my Cdn phone number. Haven't been to US to try it out yet.


Unfortunately, no changes.

Yes, the SIM only works in the USA and it works on wifi when I am in Canada.

I picked a Washington area code for my number. Play pranks to my friends when I call them with the TextNow…thinking it was a spam call.

@donnyd1  You can also text if you have voLTE enabled now . Do this by turning of wifi making sure your phone set to LTE and make a phone call does the phone stay on LTE or drop to 3G if it stays LTE you have voLTE enabled .

@donnyd1   "I have it set to LTE which I assume is VoLTE." 

Not necessarily.  Check the list of PM acceptable VoLTE phones.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have heard of TextNow and plan to take a look at it. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have it set to LTE which I assume is VoLTE. 


is a US address and US credit card still required for the TextNow sim ? As far as I can tell, it only works for calling while in need wifi to make calls while in Canada. Have these conditions changed ?

Mayor / Maire


Generally it is not an issue. It is more operator error not knowing their phone functions and how to set it.

Roaming needs to be enabled and manually connect to AT&T or T-Mobile.

I personally use the TextNow SIM and app for free calling and texting without the need to connect to wifi.



Mayor / Maire

@donnyd1   The common problem with US roaming now is that in Canada we still have a 3G network and people don't necessarily know that there is no 3G anymore in the United States.  So a phone that does not have VoLTE  but works perfectly fine in Canada on 3G would have to try to connect to T-Mobile's 2G network in the US where it is available.  Is your phone on the VoLTE list for PM? 


Mayor / Maire

@donnyd1  Yes the 15 days starts immediately after it’s purchased so best to buy the add on right before you head off . As long as your phone has volLTE then leave phone set to LTE and ensure you have data roaming turned on in phone settings and make sure your connected to T mobile or AT&T and enjoy your trip 🙂 

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