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US Canada plan not auto-switching networks?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey all. 

I have an issue with my Canada-US plan. I am using a Samsung A54 in case that is important. I have the 50gb canada-us plan and my phone will not switch automatically to the US networks. When I'm in the US I will still get the "you're roaming" text from PM (not sure if that is normal). I tried comparing my phone to my friends when we are in the US and I cannot find a network setting that I can identify as different.  

I live in Manitoba and my cabin is basically on the US border on Lake of the Woods and I know US coverage is way better in my cabin location. Any help appreciated. Thanks.



Mayor / Maire

I find when crossing the border that it usually takes upwards of 10 minutes to connect to the US network. If you got the roaming text, that's a good sign because it means you are connected to a US network. Just ignore the message if you have a Canada/US plan.

Make sure to enable data roaming on your phone. Also if you happen to connect to Verizon, it won't work. Only AT&T and T-Mobile are Public Mobile roaming partners. Additionally, AT&T 5G doesn't work. Also for phone calls to work you need a VoLTE device:

@Snazee   Yes drop it to 4G especially if connecting to AT&T, it doesn't work on 5G

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have tried swapping from automatic to manual but still have issues with data. The only thing I can think of is my friend's phone is an a71 that maxes out at 4g and my phone is 5g. Should I swap it to 4g?



first, you can ignore the "you are roaming" text, it is setup by default to everywhere.  It could still be good for those who already have the Canada-US plan as a reminder to "turn on your mobile data roaming" please

for the automatic network, if it works, great.  If not, try to use manual network and choose the bets one out of T-Mobile and AT&T.  While automatic is good, sometimes, it is not bad to make it manual.  The 2 networks signal can be as strong (or as weak) and hence the phone could be constantly jumping between the 2 networks, it could drag your battery faster and also more unstable network in some cases

Mayor / Maire

@Snazee  make sure you have the latest updates.  Do not keep phone on automatic.  Connect manually.  

put your phone to 4G/LTE and connect to T-Mobile or AT&T.   

If calls don't work, put your phone to 2G and connect to T-Mobile.  Turn on data roaming.

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