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Missing Data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was gifted 250gb of data before public mobile switched from monthly money savings to points system. Due to me being a customer for over 6 years. I had about 249 gb left and had approx 80 days left to use. I just received a no data warning and when I checked my account all the Data is gone. Just vanished. What’s going on?


Mayor / Maire

You can lose gift in you downgrade your plan.
Low data warning might be incorrect. Always check you account on-line to see how much data you have left.
Or maybe you just used it all...


@Matthew77 did you change plan and change to a lower value plan?? there is a term with that bonus that you will loss the bonus if you downgrade your plan

add reference

Will I lose my special bonus data if I switch plans?

The bonus data will remain active unless your account becomes inactive, you switch to a plan of lower value or to an incompatible plan.

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