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Triple Points

Mayor / Maire

I just noticed that all of the plans (3G and 4G) currently offer "3x Points-back", "Get 2.25 to 14.25 points/mo" (points/mo varies, it's 15% of $15 to $95 plan cost).


(There's also a couple of "Limited TIme" plan prices, $65 $60 15GB and $75 $65 20GB, which of course cost less than usual but technically give you fewer points and fewer triple-points in return, lol.)


Did I miss the triple-points announcement?


Mayor / Maire


Which promo expired on you?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@Korth The promo likely expired, don't worry the same thing happened to me a while back.

Mayor / Maire

I did read that thread ... it covered a lot of details, I guess I missed that one.


For new customers only, for first twelve months only, "on eligible purchase" (whatever that means).


Triple points does improve the math a little for new referrals. Especially on the higher-cost plans they never choose here, lol.

Mayor / Maire


Yep. The triple points announcement was revealed with new self serve and other retro grade improvements to public mobile on July 13th. The limited time plan prices were noticed by I think @Luddite  about 10 days ago....

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Korth Yes you must’ve they announced it awhile back

Mayor / Maire

Apparently you didn't read all the promo fine print that was linked for you by softech from the Flash Sale thread to here: