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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi everyone! I’m going to be going on vacation to Cuba and just wanted to ask, if I use my data in Cuba like connect to their wireless network and get signal from their carrier but it will be like still connected to public mobile, I wanted to ask so if I use my data there what will happen to my public mobile account? Will it get charged from my card without me confirming it? Will it use all the money on my public mobile account? Like what will happen in general to my account especially I want to know if I will get charged without knowing that I got charged so basically unexpected charges from my card.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you so much everyone!

Mayor / Maire

Nothing will happen @Arsen1 

Nothing will work there - best to leave your Public Mobile SIM card in your drawer at home.

With prepaid providers, there's not overages, surprise charges, or data charges or roaming charges.

Everything here only works if it's been pre-purchased;  otherwise, it just doesn't work.

Big difference from post-paid providers.

Mayor / Maire

Public Mobile only works in Canada and the United States (with the purchase of roaming add on). You can not use your Public Mobile in any other country. If you wish to use cellular services while you’re in another country, you can look at for affordable data plans and then download an app like Fongo and pick a local number to where you currently live. They do however charge for texting. TextNow is free calling and texting. You can use both of these VOIP programs via WiFi or on a data only SIM card.

Mayor / Maire

@Arsen1   PM doesn't offer roaming service outside of travel to the US so no extra charges from PM while traveling in Cuba but you'll need to either get a local SIM while there or use apps like Whatsapp or Textnow over WIFI or data..

Mayor / Maire

HI @Arsen1 

sorry, no PM roaming service in Cuba.  You wiill need to buy local data plan or use Wifi only

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