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Texts and e-mails

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have a Nokia Lumia 635 phone and I cannot send or receive texts and e-mails. Any suggestions?


Mayor / Maire

HI @agiudice   How was your voice quality and data?  Which edition you have ?  Global or US?


  A brief look at the spec for Nokia Lumia 635 , it is not very compatible with PM, it only has 1 3G channel and 1 LTE channel compatible here.


Mayor / Maire

But calls work?

Can you browse internet? Maybe data part is not that compatible with PM's bands.

@agiudice  OK, I checked further, US version should be fine... as long as you have the US version.


Check the phone for the exact model number:  RM974 or RM975


Also, if you have a second phone, try to put the SIM in another phone to confirm if it is a device issue or account


Mayor / Maire

 @agiudice : The global version is a tad light on LTE for here. Maybe change your settings to 3G or UMTS or WCDMA or HSPA. The US version might hold on to some towers here.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Don't know where to find Global or US edition.

@agiudice   First, where you bought it?


Second, check the video, you want to find out the RM model number, watch wait till 1:15 of this clip.. (the clip shows RM-985, you just need to check if yours is RM974 or 975)


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Calls work. I can browse internet but I get the message to upgrade my browser. I've tried but with no success.

@agiudice   are you browsing the internet via Wifi or Mobile Data?

Mayor / Maire

It's an old phone. It probably hasn't had security updates for a while. That's likely why the message.

But in the meantime for your texting...since texts work on LTE as well and your phone might be questionable for LTE:

swipe left
Network & Wireless
Mobile & SIM
SIM settings
Highest connection speed
Select 3G