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Text from Public Mobile saying Device won't support MMS in early 2024?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, got a message from Public Mobile saying:

"Starting in early 2024, your existing device will no longer support picture and group messaging functionality (MMS) due to a service up-date, and a new device is required."

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, released August 2017. Do I really have to get a new phone or can I modify network settings to keep it working? If I have to get a new phone over this I'm switching companies this is outrageous. 


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I don't like this policy change for older phones regarding mms and had similar problems recently downloading photo messages on my old but perfectly fine basic smartphone Alcatel Lume which after changing the apn to what was suggested by public webpage did allow for some mms to be download or sent but not quite all or even properly. 

It seems like a collusion between mobile providers and phone makers to make us spend more money for newer phones even though there is nothing wrong with our old devices.  I'm quite disappointed with the direction of some of these new policies around here.

Mayor / Maire


it is related with this

PM said devices before 2015, but Telus said devices before 2017 will be affected. 

not sure if yours really will get impacted.  Try to update your phone to the latest OS and will wait and see 

Mayor / Maire

I seem to think this change is all about the APN. Check for these settings in your APN.

Name: whatever you want
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8799
APN type: default,mms,dun
APN enable/disable: APN enabled - probably on anyway and greyed out
MVNO type: GID
MVNO value: 4D

Save, then select to use, then go in and out of airplane mode

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