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Text alert notifications not popping up on lock screen of Samsung Galaxy A13

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have done a factory reset. I took it into a store at Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket and they did a factory reset on it as well. I have googled, youtubed, asked folks who own similar phones for advice...and I can't get them to come up. I am fairly tech savvy so this is extremely annoying.

The second time I went into the store, the guy said that it was a software issue (he ran hardware diagnostics and they came back fine)....has anyone else encountered this problem? Can it be fixed?

Please advise. I am not sure where else to turn.



I agree with looking into this.  I have a pixel and there's a separate setting that controls lock screen notifications on addition to app notifications. 

Mayor / Maire

HI @Sara15 


Please check if the lock screen notification is properly setup


if it is already enable, try to disable it first, reboot and then re-enable it


@Sara15   is the alert only not show up on lock screen?  it comes no problem on the notification pane?

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