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Temporary plan disabling & e-SIM

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I have two main questions:

1) From where do I temporarily disable my phone plan? I will be travelling overseas and would like to pause my plan for a month or two.

1.1) For how long can I disable a plan at once? And how would I have to resume my plan once I'm back in the country? With PM, everything (changes in services) happens on this platform I believe, so I would like to know exactly how to disable and how to resume service. With my previous carrier (Fido) it was a lot easier to access customer service for this specific aspect.

2) I currently have a physical SIM. I may want to switch to an e-SIM to use two numbers with my iPhone. But if I need to switch back from e-SIM to a physical SIM, I'd just need to buy another SIM through the app or reuse my existing SIM to continue using my number, right? It would be great if someone could confirm my understanding.

Thank you for reading and best wishes,


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Awesome, thanks a lot for the help!

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@angco - You will keep the same plan as before you unsubscribed. You can either:

  • Change to a new plan
  • Re-subscribe again on the same plan

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I'm not the OP, but I do have a similar question. When I resume the subscription within 90 days, will I be on the same plan? Thanks in advance. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Just to piggyback on the question, when I reactivate the subscription, can I continue with the same plan or do I have to pick another plan that's available at the time?


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Just a note on the 90 days posted above: If you need to keep your number, do NOT leave reactivation to the last day!

a) Depending on how you count, the account is actually deactivated on day 90 of suspension.

b) There are still plenty of glitches in Public Mobile's system that can rear their ugly head when you least expect it. If you set a reminder for yourself to reactivate your account on day 85 or 86 you have enough time to contact CSA if you need help sorting out potential problems.



1. You will need to unsubscribe in your self service account.  That turns off your preauthorized payments.  On the next payment date, your account will be suspended.  Note: you will have 90 days to re-activate your account otherwise your account will be permanently closed and number lost.  When you get back to Canada, subscribe again and your plan will be paid and then active again. 


2. If you switch to eSIM (cost $5) and then switch back to physical SIM card, you will need to purchase a new physical SIM card ($10).  Your previous physical SIM card will not work again.  Future eSIM card switches on the same account will be free (after paying the first $5 fee).  However, each physical SIM will need to be purchased again. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Skay5 - You can pause your phone service here:

Within My Account on web, go to Payments > Manage Subscription, and disable the switch to unsubscribed

On My Account on App, to to Overview > Manage Subscription > Unsubscribe

NOTE: You have 90 days after your current subscription renewal to renew it or else after the 90 days you will lose your number & account forever.

You don't need to switch to eSIM to have two numbers at once, just install the other eSIM from the other provider and keep physical SIM inside and it will work.

For example, if you got eSIM on Public and on your other Provider:

  • Public Mobile - eSIM (Non transferrable)
  • Other Provider - eSIM (Possibly Transferable)

If you got a physical SIM for your other provider you would need to have Public as eSIM for dual numbers.

  • Public Mobile - eSIM (Non-transferrable)
  • Other Provider - Physical SIM 

And if you have eSIM for the other provider, you can do this:

  • Public Mobile - Physical SIM
  • Other Provider - eSIM (Possibly transferrable)

And if you switch to eSIM and later decide to switch back to physical SIM, your old SIM will be rendered useless.

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