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Switching to Public Mobile

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My father is interested in switching to Public Mobile. We received the simcard already. The issue is he wants to cancel his home phone,  but before that he wants his phone number as his cell number. Are you able to port his home phone number to his cell number? Because if you can't,  it's not likely he'll want to switch.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


I find a home phone from some voip providers like Primus for under $10 is still a safe backup to cell, especially for old people  Cell always have different problem, I think it is much safer for senior to have a fall back line just in case

Mayor / Maire


I would take a new number until I'm sure everything is stabilized and working good. Then...I'd initiate a number port. Make sure dad doesn't cancel old phone until he's transferred it successfully.

Make sure your write down all info like password and pin number and any security info. .put it in a safe place for future reference.

Welcome to Public Mobile, dad !

HI @HALIMACS   yes, that part I should have mentioned.. thanks


It's a little different,  @softech 


Can't reply to a port authorization request from a landline.


I'm guessing that's one of the reasons why it takes several days to a week.

Mayor / Maire

First - check if his number is eligible:

Then, if yes, open an account - activate SIM



PICK ANY number for starters! After confirming all is working as expected, initiate transfer number.



BOTH accounts have to be active and in good standing for porting to be successful. Land line transfer takes up to a 7 days so be patient.

@Wendy5068 porting from  home phone number is no difference from porting from  cell number..  Important thing is the number must be active and check if it is eligible first.  Most number can be ported around but not all.   Use the link provided by @esjliv to confirm porting eligibility 

Mayor / Maire


Check to see if your number can be ported from this Koodo website (Telus owns Koodo and Public Mobile), so, same allowances here:


If portable you can either to the porting process during the SIM card activation, i've done this and it went smoothly.

Or, if you choose to activate with a temp number then port in the number later, you can do that too.


  • Cell ports can take 2-3 hours. Use the previous provider's SIM card to receive the porting transfer text for approval to port over to Public Mobile and to receive calls from until port is complete.
  • Landline/voip ports can take 3+ days. Expect a mix of services on the landline and Public Mobile SIM card until port is complete.

When the incoming calls stop on the previous provider’s SIM card and/or landline/voip account, that is a good indication the port is complete.


See helpful info. here:

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I used to work for a cell phone company. I know porting home phones to cell phones are possible,  but because there is no call center and everything has to be done online, I wasn't sure if you did ports of home phones, or any porting at all. Thank you for letting me know he'll be happy about that.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Wendy5068  Yes you can it just take like a week to port but it can definitely be done 


edit but don’t cancel home phone u till you port and the port will cancel old account (land line )