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Spam calls in the Chinese language.

Mayor / Maire

For some reason my wife’s number receives far more than I. From what I understand the calls are threatening and may have a referral to a courier company. 


And yes I am aware that caller ID numbers can be spoofed. 


Most calls appear to originate in Canada with a city, province, and phone number in the North American format. 




The last 2 calls, hours apart from each other show caller ID is from a city and province in China with the appropriate for China phone number format. 


So North America has issues with 5G running on Huawei, and China does not like that. China is well known for collecting data any which way they can (legal or illegal) about us of which the latest is the APP that all athletes at the olympics must use and must install weeks ahead of time.


So....are any of these SPAM  calls a concern, a trap, a virus or way of tracking us?


Should these calls not be a concern to the Telcos or the Canadian government?


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



They are a concern to both the telcos and the government. The solution for it is being implemented, albeit way too slowly. It's a caller-ID authentication mechanism known as STIR/SHAKEN, and its implementation has been delayed multiple times by Canadian telcos.


I'm hoping these calls will become a thing of the past within the next year or two 🤞🏼

Mayor / Maire

That all might be correct what you stated in last sentence but is there a way to stop them? I do not think so. You can file complain with CRTC but I would not hold my breath.

It could be that somebody in China dialed wrong number. Unless you can understand what they are saying you cannot claim calls are threatening.

It's a caller-ID authentication mechanism known as STIR/SHAKEN, and its implementation has been delayed multiple times by Canadian telcos.



The implmentation is now completed.  You just need to have a latest and greatest phone to take advantage.  for now, look like Pixel 6/6Pro will work, Samsung devices with OneUI 4.0 (Android 12) will , too.  Not sure about iPhone



Does STIR/SHAKEN block calls?
No. STIR/SHAKEN will only show validated calls as “verified” or display calls as normal.
Does my mobile device support the STIR/SHAKEN feature?
At the time of launch on November 30, 2021, most devices are not capable of supporting STIR/SHAKEN and, therefore, will not display “verified” for incoming calls. These devices will continue to display calls as they normally do today.
Once your device is capable of supporting STIR/SHAKEN, then validated calls will automatically display on your handset as “verified”. No action will be required of you.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@CountyDownIeUk  might have something to do with the most recent accusation of some documents sent from Canada that supposedly contained COVID virus which caused the first case of COVID-19 in Beijing.  LOL. The most absurd garbage I have ever heard.   Try to see if you can block the numbers by region if you don't know anybody from China.  



Good to hear. Another half a$$ fix by CTRC? 

That won’t really help until every one has new phones. 


And @0PX9O4 

I have not heard from my voip provider that I cannot use the caller ID that I use in my sub accounts. They are my numbers but I could use any legit number as well. 



Correct. I have only read what they are about. You can also find out about some numbers at 800Notes.  Perhaps there are some Chinese speaking members here that can enlighten us about the content of the call and voice mails  that they leave. 

Mayor / Maire

To be honest, the STIR/SHAKEN is not useful at all, keep in mind STIR/SHAKEN does NOT block calls, it will "only show validated calls as “verified” or display calls as normal."      Honest , when I see an caller display showing a number with the same area code and exchange as mine (area code + first 3 digits), and I don't recognize the number, I know it is a Caller ID Spoofing already..  So, in reality, it is not much difference with this technology


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@softech  what would be more useful would be if they are able to display the actual number of the spoofer in addition to the spoofed number so we can know who's behind the attack and do something about it.  Canada built the cellphone network backbone structure in China.  There is no way that Canada cannot do something about these attacks.  

Mayor / Maire

@Zyl wrote:

@softech  what would be more useful would be if they are able to display the actual number of the spoofer 



Most of them do not have a real number, they are system generated calls

I have a VoIP, it will show the "real" number in the Call log, those numbers are like V12111100600013

Mayor / Maire


I am constantly getting calls every other day from spoofed number from the same area code and first three digit of my number.

Yes it would be great to see the real number at the spoofers are hiding behind.


I also got a V number once maybe twice.

Not much I can do other than block the number.