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Some specific phone numbers will not ring through

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yesterday i was waiting for a doctors to call for a scheduled appointment and it never came. When i rebooked for today they said they called three times yesterday, my phone did not show any call. This also happens with my landlords number he can't ever call through, so we text. This has also happened before and the number and i can facetime but that is all. I need this fixed as the doctor will be calling at 4:30 today


Mayor / Maire

I had a similar problem where Telus/Koodo/Public and Bell/Virgin (didn't test Lucky) all would not ring. Rogers/Fido (did not test Chatr) and Shaw Mobile and Freedom and a voip app all did ring through.


Nobody could fix it. I finally gave up and installed a different (non-rooted) firmware and it then worked.


Meow has a good idea of watching your phone when a call is attempted. My phone would sit normally on a couple bars. When these calls we made, the phone would jump up in bars indicating the switch to UMTS (3G) then a moment later go no service. The caller got nothing.

Mayor / Maire


contact customer support

*customer support doesn't always respond promptly. please be patient and check your inbox every few hours to see if there is a response

CSA are available from
- Monday to Friday: 6AM- 10PM EST
- Saturday and Sunday: 6AM- 10PM EST  

Mayor / Maire

Can you check with usage history if calls are registered at all?

With you landlord, get together and let him call you and then you call him and watch both phones to see what is happening during calls.

Did Dr. office got to your voice mail at least?

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Teresaadams 


are you able to receive some calls  or no calls at all?


Try to reseat the sim card with a reboot

Then have someone to call you and see if you receive the calls

If not, try to change your network type to 3G ONLY and try inbound calls again


Of course, it would be best if you can try it in another area, maybe it is just network problem where you are now