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Sim card discount discontinued April 1

Mayor / Maire

Update as of March 31, 2020: As of April 1st, online SIM purchases will no longer be discounted and will return to their regular price of $10. 


@mpcdesign Here we are communing. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the future to others.

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>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

@AE_Collector  While @lockedoutagain has been a long time pm customer....they are a complete newbie to the community. We must take them under our wing and bring the welcome wagon so a missed opportunity or a misunderstanding never befalls our new member (well predates both us by a couple of years but only a few posts under their belt) again....


As for having stollen referrals by big box dealers, that doesn't need to be the case. A dealer sign up is not done Instead of using a Referal, all new sign ups can have a Referal used. So then it Gomes down to the small possibity of the actual employee substituting in his Referal number in the relatively unlikely event that he is also a PM customer. I have always coached referrals before I have sent them to London Drugs to start off with these two items:

1- If I sign up with you are you giving tge SIM card for free.

2- I have a Referal code to use when we get to that point.

Pointing out that the customer has a Referal code up front (and before it is forgotten about)  somewhat declares its use a condition of sale to the employee.


As for the way the community works, it's the way the community works. Are you saying that you would like to get a text message for every post on here? Of course that woukd be  orders of magnitude more difficult to sort through and find specific details. Or would it be better to just notify you of the specific posts that are of interest to you? PM has a long way to go to be that be that intuitive at anything. 


Promotions and specific offers such as the free Christmas add-on gifts from December ARE texted out and/or emailed to customers in my experience. As for how frequently they bombard us with info via text, numerous customers already complain here about the texts notifying them if upcoming and successful renewal so I don't see that expanding. If it's important to know everything that's going on at PM, scanning the activity on the Community is the place to find it.


AE_Collector     @lockedoutagain  Awesome! I had a huge learning curve when I first joined but we're here to help you. Now the quote button.....lets see if my linking skills have improved is in this thread......ok they haven't but click above and you can find out how to quote according to your device unless it's a phone.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

@darlicious does help, see...I do learn, fast !!

@lockedoutagain  A little tag a member the easiest way to "speak" directly to or your post is meant for is to type "@" then the most recent posters and the OP (original poster) will pop up and you can tap their username or continue typing the username if it doesnt pop up and a space and it will pop up. They just moved the quote button so it would be easier for you to type that in the search button for the thread on how to find that....its a little complicated.

    It's unfortunate you missed out on the $5 SIM cards (not free) but they have temporarily cut the price of the 1gb data add on in half to $15. You can access them in your account and if you know any pm customers in the US all roaming add ons are being credited back once activated til the end of April. Check out the announcements they've been ever-changing these past few weeks. Hope this helps!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I just realized my post does not connect to the reply I meant to send Shawn or the Mayor that responded to him, so much for that again

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, I do not know if you can access a "reply" I just forwarded to the "geek" Oracle you made this comment to, but I am in total agreement with you... total. Furthermore I second the motion, I have referred enough clients that I did not get "credit" for because they were wrangled away by booth operators where they tried to simply "purchase" the SIM from. Ultimately it is Public Mobile's loss...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

All in all I beg to differ... as you will easily remark, I am not around here much, except of course when I have an issue that affects me directly in which case I seek a resolution. It has taken me some time to navigate the way the community works, and it bothers me that it is a platform that one has to seek out,  as opposed to being a notification based concept. Something along the lines of the text messages the company sends to advise (warn) about upcoming cycle payment dates, or perhaps I've missed something...

Anyway, because I have had issues, I almost accidentally came accross this "mention" of SIM cards at no charge. S*ince I am more likely to have one or two on standby in case of loss of my phone, or more likely to introduce a new client (I have a couple of dollars off monthly thanks to that) , and spare them the angst of trying to solicit the remaining 'big box' outlets that: will always try to sign them up for the bonus or steer them towards another provider, I lament that in fact they are not provided in a more simplified manner to those of us who quite literally have supported the company (except perhaps as contributors, as is my case).

I have two potential customers for whom I was trying to obtain introductory SIMS, and the sheer challenge of logging on, finding the page, accessing my message stream, and placing the request, has left me in the void of the expiration perhaps creeping up on me because of time differences. So much for that 😦

Great,... Now the whole topic is heading for the lounge...

(just kidding, no one take offence [at me suggesting that pictures are the for into the lounge] I Couldn't resist...)



@AE_Collector  I decided to order a couple too since I used my spare for the bf....but I just ordered from the get started page. No account necessary.

So I just ordered a couple if spare SIM Cards just under the wire. I Haven't done that before so I was surprised when it wanted me to sign into my account when I had gone to the "Order a SIM Card" from my Self Serve account. Had the usual sign in or create an account buttons. I tried logging in unsuccessfully so many times I thought I was going to get locked out! Then I thought, maybe I have to create yet another account for the store (in addition to my Self Serve account and my Community account). So I went ahead and created an account and everything went well from then on. Any more accounts needed here at PM I am so far unaware of!?



With activation sometimes Walmart as well as London Drugs will supply the SIM Card for free but it seems to come and go at LD and Walmart it seems as though each location is different. 



I know where you can get them free. 

@Jb456 wrote:

@ShawnC13  sorry I still don't have a quote button. Yes I do agree with what you just said.


However considering they recently asked how they could improve the forums as well as some of us (I'm sure you're included in this...a workshop invite to Toronto mid April that got postponed due to Covid19)....... It's just an idea that popped into my head just now.


It could be easily implemented into the self serve system.


  • Client one year old
  • New box display
  • Says. "order your yearly free sim card"
  • Click it
  • New page displays to enter shipping address
  • Click submit
  • Confirmation message displays. "Your yearly sim card is on its way"

I don't know maybe I had one two many drinks😝 but I think it's a good idea. I lost my phone in Cuba a few months ago and had to go out and buy a new sim (no big deal) but I would have taken advantage of this. I know that example doesn't benefit PM in the sense of getting a new client...but looking at it another's more power I have to use to try to sell Public Mobile brand to someone to sign up...


Sorry It was just an idea 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Jb456 , all good I would just rather see PM keep loyalty rewards they way they are then to maybe adjust them to fit in a free sim each year.  I think I have one referral I haven't recouped the cost of a sim yet some are over double and a lot have brought me in 3 times the cost of the sim.  


You can always ask for more my fear is them taking something we already have in exchange nothing is ever one way lol


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

When it comes to question of promos, I actually agree with there be not much of anything right now.


People are still insisting on going to the store for things that they don't have to for. I fully understand going to the store to get your milk and bread, and I don't even see going to the corner store to get a lottery ticket or chocolate bar to be as bad as some things because it's a 10 second interaction.  However, to activate a cell phone service, you're going to be in front of the same person for 15 to 20 minutes. For Public Mobile to encourage that would be irresponsible. While I know specialized cell phone stores and kiosks have for the most part closed, I've heard of some locations within grocery stores remaining open.


That leads to the question of if there should be an online only promotion to gain new customers. Once again, I'm not so sure that's a great idea. If Public Mobile is short staffed in the moderator department, running a promotion at this time might not be wise.


I suppose that eventually, Public Mobile does need to move on and continue doing business.  However, as of now, we're about 2 weeks into the lives of many Canadians being turned upside down. If this ends up being a prolonged health crisis or it ends up changing the way we do things permanently, then that will be don, but there's no need to rush into things. I would also imagine that signing up to a new cell phone provider would be low on the priority lists of many at the moment. 

@Jb456 wrote:

@ShawnC13  it's the customer service principle tho. PM showing a nice gesture thanking a long standing client with a good will gesture. Sure $10 is nothing but it makes people feel good when they read a message back "sure no problem a sim is on its way to you".


I mean if one really wanted to (I don't know the process for lost sims in the mail) but I'd assume one could order a sim card online.. receive it in a couple of days...but wait a few weeks and then contact moderators "hey I didn't get my sim card"... What does PM do then? make them pay an additional $10 or just ship another one in the mail?


I actually would be happy to get one or two sims free a year. Everyone wins...I'm happy pm showed a nice gesture , pm happy they got a new client. Two satisfied PM clients along with PM. Win all around.


Just like people are happy now that they reduced the 1gig data add-on to $15.. or how many times you read people write "why promotion deals for new signup? What about long term clients?......small gesture that goes along way..but I'm not a PM/Telus marketer 🤣 maybe @Alan_K or @Tiana_V  can get an idea from this? 


A client over a year asks for a sim..maybe it's nice to get a freebie 👍





@Jb456 long term customers already get $12 off a year up to $60 a year for being with them for 6 years.  That is $180 over that time.  I sometimes think that no matter what amount of goodwill is shown people will always ask for more.  What PM gives the longterm customers is way more than a free sim card.


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

@Jb456 wrote:

@ShawnC13  maybe another suggestion for PM? 


If long standing clients need one or two sims that they ship them over free? That would be nice. I will need two soon... considering how many are lost in mail shouldn't be an issue

@Jb456 I always make sure I have some on hand no matter the $10 cost if I refer one it is going to be someone I know will be with the company for more than 10 months so I get my money back.  


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

@mpcdesign , are you trying to be funny with the fluff and platitudes?  I am not laughing.  

@dude65 wrote:

@will13am .....people hoard anything these days. I hope those that hoard sim cards actually use them.

^^^^ This is exactly why PM stopped offering free sim cards and had to start charging.  People were just ordering so many and a very small percentage were ever activated.


I am happy to help, but I am not a Customer Support Agent please do not include any personal info in a message to me. Click HERE to create a trouble ticket through SIMon the Chatbot *

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@will13am .....people hoard anything these days. I hope those that hoard sim cards actually use them.

@will13am, it could be a massive promotion going on in the next week or two to encourage the community to grab or make the switch to Public Mobile. @Tiana_V  did ask the previous posts about connecting more to the community. It could be a hint that something is coming.


Only the great minds of Public Mobile knows what's coming down the pipe.



aren't you the great and power brains of Public Mobile too?! Hence, why else with stars beside your name, 'star power', 'superpowers', or oracles, as Wikipedia defines: An oracle is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination.

@will13am wrote:

Are people hoarding SIM cards like TP?  

Never hurts to have a couple dozen at the ready...just in case !   😎


Are people hoarding SIM cards like TP?  

@Jb456  Maybe if the announcement changed to red when pm updates it would alert us all!

Mayor / Maire

@hairbag1 That's useful. Thanks!

Mayor / Maire

@hairbag1  I just bought 2 of them. Thanks appreciate it.👍

Mayor / Maire

@Jb456  When the announcements change colours that means somethings changed....mine all turned blue today so I knew something was up.....