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Sequential us roaming

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am traveling to the US for more than 10 days.  How can I purchase multiple US talk addons.




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You should be aware that due to the decommissioning of the 3G networks in the US your voice services will be affected. Currently when roaming in the US your voice services will use T-Mobile's 2G network. There is fairly good coverage of the 2G network but it's not available everywhere especially in more rural areas.


The workaround for this issue is to download a voip provider app like textnow that can be used for free on wifi or with mobile data. You can also use it for texting. Incoming pm texts can be recieved without a US roaming add on. You may want to consider just purchasing a US roaming add on or combine it with the talk add on or just the $20 bundle. You could also switch between the two once your first 10 day US Roaming add on expires or stagger your talk add on purchase with a data add on purchase to bridge the gap to cover the 24 hour wait period between purchasing the same add on (talk).


Note having 2 US Roaming add ons with a talk feature will cause a glitch with your voice services causing calls to drop after hearing 3 beeps at about the 2 minute mark of a call. You cannot pre-purchase and stack US Roaming add ons.  For more info on US Roaming talk add ons  please read this post....


**Currently customers are unable to connect to AT&T so only use T-Mobile when roaming in the US.



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The 240 hours from purchase is key. It will show 1/10 until that 240 hours ends. Then the service will stop. The number will be red and show 0/10. It's at this point that you can buy a DIFFERENT add-on. Or ask support at anytime. Or, that 0/10 will finally drop off after 12 hours. I have not tested it but you could try buying the same one again here and see what happens. Please let us know your findings if you do wait this 12 hours.

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There are a couple more options, @waddysr 


If you happen to be going with another person who is also a public mobile customer, in order to avoid the 24-hour wait at the end of the first 10 days, have them purchase the same add on as soon as yours expires.


If you are going alone, you can purchase a different US add-on for the second 10-day period immediately upon the expiry of initial one. 

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@waddysr wrote:

I am traveling to the US for more than 10 days.  How can I purchase multiple US talk addons.



I would suggest buy local sim card instead of PM add-on, because you are stay in USA more than 10 days. As you know PM talk add-on don't work very well because USA shut down 3G voice service since the beginning of the year.

@waddysr wrote:

I am traveling to the US for more than 10 days.  How can I purchase multiple US talk addons.


You wouldn't be able to do this ahead of time as the add-ons are active the moment that they are purcahsed.  Also, having multiple at of the same roaming add-on (if the system allows it) would cause issues with the service.  You'll also wish to note that after a roaming add-on expires, you won't be able to purchase the same roaming add-on until 24 hour later. To get around that, you will need to ensure that you have enough in your Public Mobile account balance to pay for the add-on and then ask a Public Mobile customer support agent to attach the add-on again to your account.