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Security issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I damaged my phone and suspended my account until I could resolve that.


I have a phone now, and have communicated with CS_Agents to resolve it.  I had decided to purchase a new SIM card and wanted to replace it on my account.  They asked me for the SIM card in order to replace it (they disabled the function for me to do it).  I thought everything was fine, but I just made an outbound call and received a call back from the same number, which I didn't answer.   I tried calling my number from another phone and it doesn't work. 





Mayor / Maire

@mvenantiusbus - you say you can call out, but when you call your number from another phone it doesn't work?

What does it say when you dial 611 or call # 1-855-478-2542 or # 1-855-4PUBLIC to check the status of your account?

If suspended due to nonpayment you will need to load funds manually, and reactivate your account.

Mayor / Maire


Have you resumed your service via lost/stolen?

Mayor / Maire

You can't normally replace a sim when the account is suspended. Use the lost/stolen function to Resume the service. Then use the change sim function to change the sim.

So where are you in all that?

Can you log in to your account? Does it show as active?

Mayor / Maire

After suspending account you did not have to buy a new SIM.

But now, did you do SIM replacement? That will transfer your number to new SIM.

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