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International calling

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I understand that my phone will not work overseas.  If as someone suggested I leave my public mobile sim in an old working phone here plugged in on a charger will I be able to see text messages that come into in on my computor when I am overseas in a wifi area?  Meantime I get a sim card overseas for my other phone.


Mayor / Maire

@Pamag - are you referring to using google messages for web? If so, I have a feeling that will not stay connected overseas. 

Mayor / Maire


The TextNow VoIP app should work for you either on wifi or using mobile data from the local sim card you'll be getting, for your other phone.

Mayor / Maire


Other members have used the Mighty text app for text forwarding. If you download a voip provider app like textnow and choose a Canadian number you can call forward you pm number to it and use it for your text forwarding as well. Both of these options can be done on the $15 plan at no additional cost.

Mayor / Maire


You can also see all your text messages if you login your TextNow account.

Just download the TextNow app for free calling and texting on wifi. As well as seeing the text on your computer.

Mayor / Maire

Forwarding calls is easy and done through the dialer. It does not need the phone left on.

You say "computer". Shall I assume you mean an Apple computer? You can do instant messaging using imessage anywhere as long as you are on the internet.

If you mean real actual SMS text messages then forwarding texts needs an app and yes that option needs the phone left on with the sim in it.

Adding - without cell service you won't be able to do real actual SMS texting.

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