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Rewards points received each month

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen



I've been with PM for about 5 or 6 years but since I updated to the new rewards points system I only seem to be receiving 0.75 points a month, this seems off to me. I wouldn't have changed if I knew I was going to receive substantially less in rewards than I had previously received. Is it possible to get some clarification on this or help getting what I should be?


Thank you in advance,



Mayor / Maire

Why did you switch to points????

You already had $5 for loyalty and most likely $2 for autopay.

@Teezem wrote:

I'm on a $60 monthly plan and only getting 0.75 rewards points... Doesn't seem right.

@Teezem   you are on the $60 plan , supposed to get 3 points if you are paying the $60 full amount monthly.


However, if you have used some rewards to lower your payment, then you will get less point.  The point is based on the actual payment you made.   If you have redeemed some Rewards for bill credit, like 45 points for $45 bill credit, you would have only paid $15 ( $60 plan cost - $45 bill credit = $15) , then you would get only 0.75 points.  I wonder if that was what happened.   


Since I assume you won't be redeeming bill credit monthly, your next payment, you will be paying the full amount of $60 again, you will be getting 3 Public Points then


If you did not redeem any points for bill credit and you did pay more than $15 in your last payment, can you login to My Account using incognito mode , go to Payment page and take screenshot of the last payment and post it here?



Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


You might want to also change your plan while here getting the points issue sorted out. Because you have the $60 case you aren't aware, there's a special $40 plan offered right now with 15GB of 4G data (expires Nov. 27th).


You can check out the plans details in your self-serve account👍 


You are right, you should be getting 3.0 points on $60 plan.

I would suggest you contact a CS_Agent and see what is up with that 

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I'm on a $60 monthly plan and only getting 0.75 rewards points... Doesn't seem right.

Mayor / Maire

Do you know if you still have any referrals? Other than that, I guess you're on the $15 plan and yes that's what you get per month. You will get some points in one shot once a year.