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Regarding Porting

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

SO I ported my Telus Post Paid account, got a text and it was instantly transferred, like 1 minute.

My Question is whether I need to cancel my Telus account or if it is automatic since I already ported the number?

2nd question, I later got a text saying welcome to Koodo, shouldn;t it say Public Mobile?


PS for those porting from Telus, the account number works best, when I tried the IMEI it didn't work.


@ziojoe  Glad it works out in the end.


Yes, most the time we put Account number, but I think service from Speakout (7-11) has no account number and people need to put IMEI there.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It just said to reset so I did.  All is good now, so turned out fine.  It was very fast actually, although I misread the initial instructions and was looking under the Support for the add-ons and not in my own account as I should have. 

Also when I tried the IMEI and clicked submit it just greyed out and didn't do anything.  The next day I just retried with the account number and it worked.  🙂


See!! No matter how hard I try there's a major data block going on in my brian......I'm pretty sure he's running the show on the left side so the other side doesn't know it's right not wrong?ll 😀

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 @darlicious : Your brained damage still needs a W in front of that C. 🙂 Or more properly it should be UMTS but WCDMA also works.


In regards to your second question a few customers have reported getting that text from koodo. Koodo prepaid and pm share the same back end system. Somewhere the wires are crossed and the incorrect code has been entered that send out those messages.


Kinda like how I keep posting CDMA and GSM network connections the wrong way around! It's got to be some crossed neuropaths between my right and left brain! Either that or I brained my damage?!!

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Same experience when I brought a family member over to PM from Koodoo. I somewhat dreaded the port but it went really smoothly. Always enjoy posts where people take the time to share a positive experience w/ PM. Thanks and enjoy the savings!


Welcome to public mobile! My port from telus was also instantaneous. Your telus account is automatically closed and telus will prorate your bill. You will also probably get an email in a day or two from them saying "We're sorry to see you go!"


Look for your $10 bonus referral credit to be applied in the next 72 hours if not already.


It takes 48 to 72 hours for your full speed 4G LTE data to throttle down to 3mbps so definitely do not perform any speedtests in that time or you can easily use 200mb to 400 mb of data in one test.


Feel free to come to the community and ask questions about your service and your self serve account. We are always happy to help!

Mayor / Maire

@ziojoe   Once port completed, the Telus account would be closed.


however, you need to confirm the port is completed.  But very easy, just call yourself and if your PM phone rings, the port is completed.   But no worry if your PM phone still not ring yet.  It might take 30 mins to 2 hours after you reply the SMS for the port to complete.  Just reboot your phone every 15 mins for an update


Another way to confirm if Telus account is close, Logon to your Telus account and it should show that it has been closed

Mayor / Maire


It will automatically cancel once you answer the SMS text from Telus.

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 @ziojoe : Porting closes the source account on its own.

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