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Public Mobile Rocks!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Was a Public Mobile customer for about three years without any problems. Nothing but a great experience.

Decided that maybe Freedom was a good idea because the great price and 4G data.....

Ported out my number (and lost all my nice rewards in the process).



After a month with Freedom I came running back! Even though I live in an area where the Freedom network should be ok, and even though I had "Nationwide Data" , I experienced several service interruptions. Annoying to say the least.

I like the idea of having a smaller company in the market to compete with the big three, but I also like dependable service.


So... I activated a new account with Public Mobile. I'm Back. As an old  Newbee.

Had some trouble with voicemail after the port but got it resolved quickly by submitting a ticket. Who needs call centres with long periods on hold? Not I.


Kudos to Public Mobile for proving to be superb value for money!!


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I just switched over from Fido after another service charge increase and so far so good! I genuinely love the incentives with the points to lower my bill.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I would never fully switch (port my PM number) to Freedom before I try it first, even if that cost me some money. I did the same thing when I came to PM, got a new number, tried for short period and after confirming all is OK, ported my phone number from other provider. This probably doesn't apply to some more reliable companies, like Big 3 or their Tier 2 providers, but anything else, I would always first try. 


@Paulinga2  that was a costly move (in terms of rewards)   😞


But at least you get a provider you like again


Yes, PM has a "special" cutomer service model, but it has a solid network, Telus, as the backbone.  

Mayor / Maire



Welcome back!

Too bad you lost your old Rewards system!

The new Points system is not as good as the old Rewards system…no $ credit on your monthly bill, no $2 credit when using AutoPay, you need to collect 15 points (on 5% of your bill payment) to redeem a $15 credit.


But you can enter contest or redeem points for add-on.

Mayor / Maire

hi @Paulinga2  you look for your "freedom' but you lost your rewards in the freedom hunt  😞


Happy that you are back !!


Public Mobile Rocks and Rocks!!


Mayor / Maire


your real-life experience should help someone who's on the fence about going elsewhere. PM reliability, network coverage and great customer support by Community Forum'ers are some reasons why PM can't be topped. The low price is just a bonus !

Welcome back.

LOL @esjliv 


This thread likely gonna be 'lounged'.


Anyone want to put names on those rocks? 


Fun game...

Mayor / Maire

Public Mobile Rocks !



Mayor / Maire

@Paulinga2  Well said and thanks for the feed back , I think public mobile rocks too and I’m a lifer 

Mayor / Maire

Welcome back @Paulinga2  !

Mayor / Maire

oh crap, @Paulinga2 , losing all those sweet rewards - now they're gone FOREVER


great story - you should have 'sold' your public mobile account to someone here


there's lots of folks wanting to get a now grandfathered plan with the old rewards.   mind you, you would have had to give up your number in the process - not a good payoff.


Welcome Back!!!

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