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Problems with incoming and outgoing calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello my phone number is +1########## and I am having issues with incoming and outgoing calls





Did you check if your account status is active?  To avoid browser cache confusing,  please login My account using Incognito mode to confirm account status

If it shows On Hold (Suspended) , then it is a payment issue.  Click "Pay Now and Resume Services" to make a manual payment 

If it shows active,

  • first try to reboot the phone
  • If that does not work, change the Preferred network type or network mode to 3G only or WCDMA only and see if it works
  • Try to click Reset All Networks and see if it helps
  • and do you have another phone to test the PM sim ? just to make sure it is not a device problem.  Also, that can force a sim card re-provision and it could resolve the problem
  • Also, try the phone in another area if possible, it could be just a local network outage
  • You can also try to see if VoLTE works.  But first, what brand and model of phone you have?
    You can check the VoLTE compatibility here:
    If you have a compatible one try to turn on VoLTE

    iPhone: Likely no extra work need to do as Telus will enable by default but hide the option.  Still you can check
                     Settings->Cellular->Cellular Data Options->Voice & Data, enable 4G or LTE there
    Pixel Likely no extra work need to do as Telus will enable by default but hide the option.  Still you can check
                    Settings->Network and Internet->Internet, click on the settings icon besides SIM 1, turn on 4G calling there
    Samsung/ Other Android: Settings->Connection->Mobile Data, enable VoLTE there

    Now, turn off Wifi first. Check if the phone status bar showing it is connected to 4G or LTE

    Then make some calls, see if the signal indicator shows LTE or drop back to H or 3G while you are on the calls.  If it stays with LTE, then yes, you are using VoLTE, and you can see if calls are any better.  

Mayor / Maire

HI @Sureshkumar1 

give us more information like you just joined PM? was it working before? What phone you have?

or you can submit ticket with PM agent to refresh your account



Mayor / Maire

@Sureshkumar1  Please remove your phone number this is a open forum, try putting your network to 3G see if that helps with voice 

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