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Problem receiving text and call

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I switched from Rogers to PM on Sept 5th. I have gotten a message from Rogers and replied with Yes. I received this message but I never got a call from both my phone # and alternate phone #:

Hey, it's Public Mobile. We're having trouble transferring your number. Looks like you entered an incorrect ESN/MEID. Someone from our team will contact you shortly using your original phone number or the alternate number provided. You can also get in touch via our virtual assistant at:

I cannot receive call from my home phone and cannot receive call or text from bank etc. I can call my home phone. I seem to be able to receive calls from those with PM and Koodo only from current testing. I'm not sure what to do.... Maybe the transfer is incomplete? My phone do have 2 simslot and I have long removed my rogers Sim card too. It's about 2 weeks now since this problem started. Any help I can get is much appreciated. 



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can you send me the number too? I'm having same issue

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you

Mayor / Maire

@Rally18 - i can't get over that Public is still sending this message "Someone from our team will contact you shortly " and not calling customers. It is not very likely public will call you, yet other people get this message too waiting for a call....2 weeks now, sheesh.

Either those previous posts should help. But if you need public mobile agents, methods to contact Public Mobile Customer Support (CSA) below:

1-Normally Faster - use this link to: Get Help With Public Mobile Chatbot], also found in various places in Public webpages, and bottom right corner of the page (See the Chat Bubble), 

2-OR, go to your ENVELOPE at the top right of your Community Account which is where your Inbox and Sent messages are. Select the orange/peach color box with the pencil inside it to start a new message.  Type CS_Agent in the SEND TO box. This will create a private message to Public Mobile Customer Support. 

Mayor / Maire

Get your Rogers account number, put the Rogers sim back in a phone and call the number further down this link:

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Hi @Rally18 

I'll send you a private message containing the number to the porting team. 

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