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Poor connection

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Why are my outgoing calls from the United States to Canada of poor quality/have a bad connection?  Receiving calls from Canada to US the sound quality is good.  Help.


Mayor / Maire

@Coco1958  it the call from USA to Canada going to the same number? Perhaps it is an issue on the recipient's end?


If this is happening for all outgoing USA to Canada, try restarting your phone. Or, toggling to airplane mode then back again.

Even the removing of the SIM card in your device then reinserting it.

All these actions help to retrigger/renew the network connections. It may clear up issues.


@Coco1958   AT&T is in the process to shutdown the 3G network, which your voice call will be using.


So, try to use T-Mobile and see if it is connecting better


Some people said it might be worth to try VoLTE as well as it might work, but this is not confirmed


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Coco1958  I assume you're in USA roaming. Try switching from ATT to T-Mobile or vice versa see if quality improves.

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