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Pausing subscription question

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I am going to Australia for a month and I’ve read that there are 2 ways to pause the subscription: 1. Removing payment details (manual payment required to renew); and 2. Reporting phone lost or stolen via web. 

I believe the difference is voicemail can be received if it is lost/stolen. Somewhere on Reddit I read that pausing (unsure which scenario) may result in losing your referrals. Can anyone confirm if one or both methods lose referrals when renewing / reactivating account? Are there any other ways to do this? I don’t want to change my subscription as it isn’t available any more. 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for clarifying @softech 

@colleeno  - coincidentally I leave right when the new month starts 🙂 I just wanted to avoid paying 2 bills as I have an AU number that will come out of hibernation 🙂 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Be aware though that the “pause” only starts on your next renewal date. For example, say your next renewal date is June 15 but you’re leaving for Australia today and returning on June 30, even if you unsubscribe today, the pause starts on June 15 and you will only get 2 weeks of savings.


@Slee123 you won't lose any referrals for pausing your plan, just that you won't earn the referral points while your plan is suspended. But when you come back and resume the service, you will get the referral points again

Best way to suspend a plan is to turn off Autopay.  Just go to Payment page, click Manage Subscription and toggle off Subscribed.  With it turned off, the plan will not renew at the end of that cycle.

When you are back in Canada, just make a manual payment to resume service.  And remember to toggle on "Subscribed" again to enable Autopay

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