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PM problem calls with Rogers or Fido customers?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Has anybody else had issues with Public mobile calls made with Rogers or Fido customers? 

I've been dealing with some dropped calls in the last few weeks and now make a point of asking the other caller which network they use. 

A few weeks back, a Rogers call to me dropped several times requiring the caller to phone me back until the call became stable. 

Several days ago, a Fido caller called me repeatedly. My phone would ring once and end. On the other end, Fido caller would would push send and have the call would end and he just kept repeating. Finally, I called him which was fine. 

Today, a different Rogers caller phoned me.  I could hear him but he could not hear me. So he would hang up and phone me again and the same thing would happen. I tried to phone him repeatedly using my PM phone and each time my call would go to a Rogers voicemail which has not been initialized. However, when I use my Telus landline, my call immediately went through to his Rogers phone.

I have not had any issues with calls between my public mobile phone and my family with public mobile or with our Telus landline.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Chalupa_Batman @Phil_Adelphus @will13am  

I have reported these incidents to @CS_Agent but who knows when they will respond.

Mayor / Maire

@funpig1  A family member had problems the other day that sound similar, they are on Rogers.  We don't know at which end the problem was but the other end was a business so I doubt they were on PM.   A friend who is not on PM or any other Telus carrier (or Rogers) told me the other day they were getting dropped calls frequently.

I could be wrong, but it seems dropped calls are happening all over Canada with Public Mobile, even folks who travel to different provinces are getting dropped calls. However, no dropped calls with Telus. Go figure.

@funpig1 , from my experience the dropped call problem was not unique to a particular carrier brand.  When the calls were dropping, it just did not work with any brand.  My calls were dropping between Public Mobile customers, with landlines, everything.  Things seem to be back to normal, I had no issues with some pretty long calls on the weekend and last night.  

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