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Opted to switch plans earlier in May to change at "next renewal date"... want to change again?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi all,


Earlier in May, I opted to change my plan from $40 for 5GB to $40 for 15GB at my next renewal date.


I noticed today there is another, even better, promotion at $39 for 20GB.

When I go to my account, surprisingly, there is no record of me trying to change to that $40/month for 15GB plan. Is this normal?


Regardless - I'm trying to opt for the newest promotion, $39 for 20GB.

Question: do my existing monthly rewards still apply (e.g., friend referrals, loyalty, autopay)? I noticed there's mention of "points" now.




Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire


Did you confirm the scheduled change? On the right side of the page where it mentions you could lose promotions when changing plans? If so you should be good to go.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My renewal date is 01 June, so neither attempts have been made effective.


But it does seem strange that my first switch is not shown in my account. I did select the new $39 promo plan to change on 01 June, so hopefully it works this time.


Seems like the site is extremely glitchy with the new roll-out.

New community username, rewards page won't load, etc. -- may have attributed to my $40/15GB not showing up either. 

Mayor / Maire


Yes, you can change to the $39 plan now or on your renewal date but since you switched from the 5gb to 15gb on your renewal date already. You have been charge for $40 but if you switch will be charged for $39 as well since PM is a prepaid service.

All your Rewards will remain on your account as long as you don't switch to the Points system.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

This may be a cache issue.  Use a different browser or incognito mode to log into and view your account.  

All rewards will stay with your account even when you change your plan.  Use the search bar to research the new point system.  If you change to that, you cannot go back to the original system...FYI.

The deals just keep getting better 😊