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Not receiving verification codes or email

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently did a number transfer and I'm trying to cancel my subscription (or verify that it has been canceled) but im unable to log in to my account and don't receive verification codes by text or email.

Thank you


Mayor / Maire


you can't access anymore to your account because when you transfer out your account will be automatically closed.


If you receive any charged on crdit card by name public mobile then contact support team by private message CS_Agent .

Mayor / Maire

@dbc5638    If you ported your number out, that would also automatically close your PM account and you won't have access anymore.   There should be no further payments charged to your CC either, but keep an on CC just in case and if you see a charge in the near future, then submit a ticket to customer support via chatbot and ask them to remove the CC (edit: and refund) or just ask your CC to do a chargeback, which is only advised if you're not a customer with PM any longer.


Chatbot link:

Mayor / Maire

@dbc5638 hi if you transferered to another provider your account is automatically closed ,you can no longer access it 

Mayor / Maire

If you transferred out then yes that closes this account. Seems you also replied yes to the confirmation text. What happens when you dial 611 with the Public sim in?