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No idea how I'm incurring so much data

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Hello and thanks for this community!  I recently used up my 1GB data and have no reason as to why. When I check my usage history, there are numerous entries of data used, almost every day in my billing cycle. This has only started happening over the last couple of months and I have no idea how I'm using this amount of data. I never stream video unless I'm in a wifi zone and I use my phone for cellular calls 90% when I'm outside of a wifi zone. Something I also find peculiar is when I check my usage, there are data charges at 12:15am, 1:20am, etc. My phone isn't being used at that time as I've retired for the evening. Desperately seeking some advice and insight please. Thank you

Sincerely, Gayle


Mayor / Maire


Try again incognito/private mode

And or lap top /computer



simply try refreshing the page to check data plan / mins / add ons



For most up to date account info

Mayor / Maire

@GayleLunau  PM tallies up your day's usage a couple of times a day and one of those times is around midnight.  So it's not that you're using data then, it's jusst documenting what you used since it was last updated.

As for using too much data, I usually turn off data altogether when I'm not using it.  You can deny certain apps permission to use data and only use wifi (and those apps also list how much they used).  If you have an iPhone, it will automatically switch to data when there's no wifi or the data is better so turn of WiFi Assist or its equivalent if you have an Android.  Don't do speed tests is another one, they use a ton of data.  If you still think something is wrong you can contact customer service by sending a private message here" 



first, PM does not update the data usage constantly.  In fact, it only update it twice a day. 

So, any entry you see is just a total usage between that timestamp and the timestamp of the previous entry.  The early morning usage  you see on the Usage log does not mean it was used in the morning but a total usage for the last 12 hours.

Also, for correct usage reading, always use Incognito mode to login My Account to avoid reading cached old info

For your data usage itself, 1GB actually not that much. Are you using iPhone or Android? best to use your phone to track the data usage.  For iPhone, you need to reset it once and you can start tracking from that point (and reset again at the beginning of each cycle.  if you are using Android, it is easier, just change the cycle start date manually and you can see how much data used since.

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Hey @GayleLunau ,

Have you tried turning off your mobile data on your phone settings when you are not using it your data?

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