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New phone Upgrade- Though Public Mobile

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Will I receive anytype of deal or reward or points to purchase a upgrade though phone carrier vs elsewhere?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I just looked into this for my elderly father and found that purchasing a phone elsewhere, like at Best Buy or Amazon could be a better option, new phone vs. refurbished. Especially if you aren't after a name band phone. The SIM card is very inexpensive on Amazon so it's not a huge advantage to get a free SIM card.

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I would personally purchase the phone you like from eBay or Amazon. these phones that are sold on this website are broken with internal defects... especially the iphones sold. for ebay make sure to filter the item location for 'Canada only' this way it's a Canadian version and you will have confidence that it will be compatible with no issues in Canada. also make sure to purchase off of a store(they will have free warranties) and not just a one time seller that offers a really cheap price. I have been purchasing devices from yzwireless. they have great prices and offer a 1 year warranty 

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You'll get a free SIM card with the phone.


Here's a whole thread devoted to the PM phone program.   

Solved: Certified Pre-Owned Phones: F.A.Q - Community (


@Nezbitt-Cts   sorry, not at the moment.


PM had a $25 (or $30??) bill credit promotion once last year, not sure if it will repeat again any time soon


But the good thing to buy from PM is that you don't have to worry about blacklisted phones, and they all come with 30 days money back and 1 year warranty.

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