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New Customer: Bringing over multiple numbers

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I'd like to take advantage of the 34/50GB Canada + US plan, but I have 3 numbers I want to bring over into that plan, as well as an additional simple account.

How can I do this efficiently?



@AdrianJ Each PM account is setup independently. You need an email address for each account , so you need 3 to setup 3 accounts.  

Setup the first one first.  Once setup, use the friend referral code to setup the second one and the third one after 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This is amazing, and on top of it, I'll save money!! — thanks for the quick reply.

Mayor / Maire

Hey @AdrianJ 

OK. Very easy. Each person has to have their own account. No family plans here. When you sign up, use a referral number so you get $10 off your second month. When you sign up your other three, use YOUR referral code so they get $10 off each on their second month and you get $3 off your phone bill every month. Also, don't order SIM cards from Public Mobile. Best to call local Telus stores to see if they have any or you can purchase from Amazon as it would be faster. 

You will have to download the Public Mobile app for each phone and sign them up that way. Here's how.

How to sign up with Public Mobile




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