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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

My card was upgraded and I was issued a new card. I cannot see the option to change to my my new card is not available any more , I bought a voucher for now


Mayor / Maire

@GrumpyOldMan do you know my @grumpyneighbour ? Lol...



Read this when you want to try and update your credit card...


Got more info on vouchers that you might want to know.....



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

You need to go online using your computer. On the site, choose manage my card - payment options. That should work. You can enter a new card at that time. Maybe its not accessible from your phone... Anyways Best Wishes to you. You will get through this. Later.

Mayor / Maire

@Hassan2    That's a good idea to purchase a voucher for now which you can load by dialing 611 and it gives you time to add the new card to your account. 


To add the card make sure to clear your browser cache/cookies and use incognito/privacy mode or another browser before logging into your account.  Then select Payment tab and scroll down the page and click Manage my Card and select either Replace or Remove card option and fill in your name/address exactly as it appears on the CC statement and no spaces for the postal code.   If you chose Remove card option, then remember to enable autopay again.


Sometimes there a webpage glitch and you might need to wait an hour for it to clear up before trying to login to your account. 


@Hassan2   and you able to manually load the voucher?  You go to the same Payment page, select One Time payment there and you can manually load the voucher


Or you can also use *611 to load the voucher from your phone

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Hassan2 hi you have a few posts on here with the same issue you were ofered many solutions if you don't understand how to add your card  contact a cs agent they will help you add it  you will need to open a ticket, to speak to a customer service agent    Click here or if you are having issues with Simon you can send private message to a CS Agent here:




Just login to My Account , to to Payment page, select Mange My Card, then use  Replace this credit card to enter the new credit card info there

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