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My bill is usually 23 cad after discount but it was 29 last time ,can I know the reason??

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

As of May 2024, PM (Public Mobile) has replaced the legacy reward program with the new Public Points program. As part of this change, all customers that were previously on the legacy rewards have been moved over to the new Public Points, they are no longer supporting both programs, there is no option to opt out.

More information about the rewards system migration:

Moving to Public Points | Help Article | Public Mobile

PM is giving legacy customers bonus data that will expire after 150 days of being added to your account, you should have received an email or text with specifics on the details. Careful not to switch your current plan to a lower valued plan or an incompatible plan (switching from one data type to another, I.e. fixed data plans and unlimited data plans) otherwise you will lose your bonus data.

Going forward, customers will pay the full amount upfront and will then be able to earn points that can be redeemed, for example, 15 points towards a $15 bill credit, or for ad-ons like international long distance minutes, more data, etc. The $15 bill credits will not happen automatically, you’ll need to manually add them for you next bill.

Overview of Public Points:

How it Works:

With Public Points we make being a subscriber more rewarding in three simple steps.

  • Earn points with your payments, reaching milestones, and referring friends.
  • Watch your Public Points rewards add up.
  • Redeem your points online or via the app to lower your payments, purchase add-ons, and more.

Mayor / Maire

There is no more monetary rewards, we are all on points.

Discounts for the points system do not get applied automatically.   Points need to be manually redeedmed in 15 point/$15 increments.

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