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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

3 days ago I changed my subscription to increase my data.  $40 for 30 gigs.  That is showing on my account to change on renewal Mar8. Yesterday I got a text with better promotion for me.  15 gigs for $26. I replied “yes” and received a confirmation text to say it would take effect on next renewal Mar.8.  That new subscription change is not showing in my account yet??  Does it take a couple of days?  And I’m on the old reward system. Do. I have to request to stay with old reward system as I am told the old rewards are better than new points system?


As you know there is no phone number to contact Public Mobile.  All done through self serve. The chatbot we were told is up and working. If you click on the lower right the text box is there.

However,  if that is not helpful,  you were already provided with the link to cs agents.  Did you send them a message? Did they reply? You have to check your community account at the top right to see messages. The message will be in your avatar once you click on it.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had same issue.  very frustrating.  I used this link and sent a message directly to a customer service agent and got good help from them.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I keep going around in circles. I need a real customer service rep to read this and contact me. Do they ever monitor this chat box? I have been able to log in for these chats but can find no way to access MY ACCOUNT. If I click MY ACCOUNT this is all I can do. I appreciate the replies from other Community members buy I need Public Mobility's assistance. There is also no way for me to get a service tag. I know my computer skills aren't great but all I want is for them to assist me to select and switch to a new cell phone. They don't wish to make it easy to get help. Can someone relay this message to a Customer Support Rep.

Mayor / Maire

When you sign into your account, upcoming plan changes should be showing. There should be an option to cancel. Since  you did 2,  I would assume that both should be showing us upcoming so you can cancel 1. The details should be there so that you know which  1 to cancel.

I don't believe it mentions anything about your rewards , so it shouldn't switch you unless there was a button and you did not decline to a button to opt out.

and @versysRob1 

changing plan has no effect on rewards system.  So, you don't have to worry about that at all.  you will still be on the old rewards system after plan change


Mayor / Maire

HI @versysRob1 

from experience, the plan change schedule won't take effect until after the promotion ends, so, it could be another couple days before you see it

and if you are worry, please ask agent to confirm  please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:    

Mayor / Maire

@versysRob1  Go into your account subscriptions add on page there you will see your current plan and upcoming plan . Cancel the upcoming plan change and then reply YES to the test offer instead and it will change in your renewal 

add and yes you will keep your old rewards now worries @versysRob1 

Cancel plan change




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