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Monthly payment confirmation notification by email

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good morning


Is it possible to get monthly confirmations for the auto-pay for each of my children's phone lines? Preferably to my email address.




Funny how no one chose to correct @Yummy 's slightly erroneous solution but continually choose to pick apart @Anonymous 's posts even when it's obvious she is trying to improve. There is a fine line between constructive criticism and bullying.



I don't know if its the way you worded your reply or if you are a little confused on the timing.



To clarify @Yummy 's post and the solution for future members seeking an answer on this topic...


  1. Rewards are applied just after midnight eastern on the day of renewal at the very latest maybe 12:30am et.
  2. Renewal occurs at midnight eastern and resets the data, minute and text (if applicable) counters.
  3. Plan amounts are taken from the available funds in your balance first and any amount still owing are charged to the autopay card (if applicable) at 2am et.*
  4. At 6am et * accounts change from expired to active or suspended ( accounts with insufficient funds have their services suspended or cancelled and deactivated if 90 days have passed without active service/payment.) This allows a 4 hour window for missed payments or an autopay failure to be rectified by making a payment and forcing the system to take payment by suspending service briefly via lost/stolen in order to avoid service suspension.
  5. Currently pm (611) sends a SMS text at noon et that your plan has successfully renewed.
  6. Due to a glitch the rewards have been successfully applied SMS text is now sent at midnight  (9pm pt) on the day of renewal. (vs being the first of the 2 SMS texts from 611 sent at noon et.)

* The renewal process can run late when taking payment. Lately they have been 6 hours behind taking payments pushing forward the renewal timeline at the 2am et startpoint>>to 8am et.


I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings of the timing surrounding renewals.


If the card you are using for autopay is from your financial institution you may be able to set up alerts for when your card is charged notifying you if autopay has been successful or not giving you the 4 hour window to make a manual payment to avoid service suspension.


If the two accounts of concern renew on the same day with the same plan amount on the same card they have a much higher chance of suffering an autopay failure due to them possibly being flagged for fraud as a double payment. Using different cards for each account or staggering renewal days may be advisable.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

sms to Only registered number and online under account, you can see the payments.


and its 30 days cycle, not 3 🙂

Was thinking the same thing. 😃

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??? lol relevance?

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is not allowed public mobile send that SMS to another account, each account going to same account,

public mobile send by 611 a SMS text every 30 day confirmation for payment,

at public mobile Prepaid Service No fees extra charges,


@schultzter   the only real way to know a payment has been maid on another account basically involves manual work.  


I am assuming you want this so that their service is not cut off because of lack of payment.


you have two options.

  1. pick a day 5 days ish before next renewal  (or any day actually say teh 1st)  then manually load money to available funds.  then you will know for sure plan will renew for that month.
  2. load 6 months of payments at one time (can be financially onerous) but this way you do it twice a year rather than monthly.


Mayor / Maire

@schultzter wrote:

Is it possible to get monthly confirmations for the auto-pay for each of my children's phone lines?

I guess children are minors this you have custody of them. You can check monthly payments clicking on main page logging into their accounts.



Mayor / Maire

it will just send to your  phone number  Maybe consider setup a reminder your phone (thr one with another phone num you said), but remember PM runs on 3days cycle and not monthly

@schultzter  just the account's phone number.

I am not aware of possibility to link PM accounts thus SMS will be sent to phone of account owner (phone with PM SIM card).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Can the SMS be sent to my mobile number or just to the PM account's phone number?

Mayor / Maire

I do not think that is what PM offers.


3 days before bill is due you will receive 'heads up' SMS from PM with bill's due date.

When successfully paid you will receive another SMS regarding rewards applied (about 20 minutes after midnight on due date) and about 12 hours later another SMS that your bill is paid.




Public mobile does send a mobile text for monthly confirmation for payment dates, but not email unfortunately.